Winter courses begin February 7th, 2021

Virtual Private Lessons

10 week course - 1hr duration per week - $450 / 30 min. duration per week - $300


Students receive direct instruction and maximal instructor attention. The content of the private lessons is

fully customizable based on the interests of the student. Instruments offered: guitar, bass, drums, ukulele

and piano.

Note: minimum registration for a group class to take place is three students.


Virtual Band Class:

10 week course - 1hr duration per week - $200 per student


Students participating in virtual band classes will rehearse songs together online via zoom. Audio and visual (chord & lyrics) are streamed live by the instructor and students play along. Once well-rehearsed, students participate in creating a video of themselves performing the selected piece(s). Student performance videos are then assembled into the group video and premiered at the end-of-semester virtual concert. Students may sign up with their friends as a band or be placed into an existing group.

Virtual Recording Studio:

10 week course 2hr duration per week - $400 per student

In our virtual recording studio sessions, the focus is producing original content. The pieces are composed and refined as a group online. Students are guided through the recording process and produce high-quality, track-by-track original audio recordings. The sessions are then mixed and mastered by the instructors and premiered at the end-of-semester virtual concert. Note: Students must have the necessary hardware in order to participate. Most analog-digital audio interfaces would be sufficient. Please let us know if you have any questions about the hardware requirements.

Virtual Improv

10 week course - 1hr duration per week - $200 per student


This course is designed to promote spontaneous creativity. Students participating in this course improvise online together to create unique soundscapes. The source material is edited together by the instructors in real time, allowing students to immediately envision the end-product and build off of their own creativity on the spot. Creations are showcased at the end-of-semester virtual concert.

Intro To Computer Recording (Private Lesson)

10 week course - 1hr duration per week - $450

We help students pick the right hardware and software and install all necessary components. Once set up, the student will learn how to record voice and instruments, edit audio, use virtual; instruments(if applicable), mix audio and export and convert files. Mac/PC.


10 week course - 1hr duration per week - $200 per student


The focus of this course is to teach music and nurture creativity through the use of the iOs version GarageBand. While working with GarageBand, students will learn about every aspect of music; from the basics like rhythm, melody and harmony to more modern concepts like looping, sampling, sequencing and music production. Students will work on creating and recording their own original music. Students require an iPad running iOS 10.3 or later with the latest version of GarageBand and a pair of headphones. Creations are showcased at the end-of-semester virtual concert.

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Instrument Workshops: 

$15 per student per 1 hr session


NDG Music School periodically offers workshops for specific instruments (guitar, ukulele, etc). During these workshops, the instructors demonstrate technique and provide feedback and guidance to the participants. The techniques are then applied and practiced by playing along with specific songs. The songs are streamed in real time by the instructors with scrolling charts to guide the participants. Follow us on social media to receive updates regarding upcoming workshops.


Contract Work:


Band collaborative video recording. We produce a multi participant live video of a song of the band’s choosing. We create the scratch backing track, guide the band members through the recording process, compile the audio and video recordings, mix and edit the audio and video and produce a final master. Starting at $450 per video. Cost depends on the number of musicians participating and the complexity of the chosen song. Go to our Video page to see examples of our videos.

Interested in private lessons? We offer in-person or online private lessons with our highly qualified staff

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